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The Borderline
Sebastian Schleicher – Gitarre, Bass, Vocals (Clean & Growl), Lyrics
Karsten Mroszczok – Keys
Dennis Degen – Drums

Written, Produced & Mixed by: Sebastian Schleicher
Mastered by: Eroc

„Blending both brutal and crystalline vocals with equally gritty and graceful guitar work, Sebastian Schleicher’s The Borderline is a skillfully crafted journey through a lush Prog Metal soundscape.  The familiar trappings of the genre are abundant, potent, and efficiently packed into only five and a half minutes!  Perfectly balancing heft and groove, The Borderline is bursting with masterful instrumental performances – and Schleicher’s alternation between guttural and gliding vocals is hypnotic, almost entrancing.  Wonderfully done! 

Anyone who’s ever fallen in love with Prog metal will find more than enough to love in The Borderline.  The balance between a darker metal sound and a more adventurously flowing prog feel makes this track a perfect fix for the Prog Metal itch, and a genuinely engaging musical experience.  All that packed into such a comparatively short runtime for the genre makes The Borderline an easy hit among fans of the sound, and puts Sebastian Schleicher on the list of artists to keep an eye on!“

Jon Wright (