With the idea to expand his own musical boundaries, Sebastian Schleicherfounded the project Tremor in 2018. As a composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he contributes vocals in addition to instrumental contributions from electric bass, electric and acoustic guitars, as well as fundamental basics for keyboards and drums. From the idea to the realization everything comes from one source.

Free of any limitations, various styles are combined with each other, which come together to form a very unique sound. This is mainly from the areas of prog rock / metal & death metal is used, combined with recognizable influences from jazz, post-rock and occasional elements of fusion. The constantly driving flow unites all styles to an independent sound image, which is through its complexity and variety in continuous change. In addition to clean vocal parts, the guttural singing (growling) is also increasingly in the foreground and forms the basis for the sound profile.

For the debut single – The Borderline – he was supported by Dennis Degen (drums) and Karsten Mroszczok (keys).